Mykonos Casino Review

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    Leentjiesklip Road, Langebaan, Western Cape
  • Contact Number
    +27(0)22 707 7000
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    Club Mykonos Casino & Spa Website
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  • Opening Hours
    Monday to Friday: 18h00 – 02h00
    Saturday & Sunday: 10h00 – 18h00 (day shift), 18h00 – 05h00 (night shift)
Rating 83/100
Mykonos Casino


Mykonos Casino Review

As the name suggests, the Mykonos Casino aims to bring a taste of Greece to the Western Cape and it does so very effectively. The casino itself is actually fairly small, with just over 300 slot machines and 6 table games including Roulette, Blackjack and Reef Routine Poker.

The term "small" is relative here – these numbers are much lower than those available in some of South Africa's megacasinos, but the casino never feels like it drastically limits players in terms of what they can do. Plus, it feels more friendly and welcoming than some faceless large resorts – there's just something about being by the beach that seems to do that to people!

Unlike many casinos in South Africa, it isn't open 24 hours a day but only between 6pm and 2am on weekdays. On weekends though, you can enjoy gambling from the early hours of the morning until 5am. We can't imagine there are too many would be patrons who will be disappointed with that.

In addition to the plentiful selection of slot machines, many of which use coinless tech so you don't need to carry around a bag full of change, there are various giveaways and promotions in which you can partake and try to win cars and cash. Put all of this together and you get a casino that keeps things fresh and exciting, and feels much bigger than it actually is.

Restaurants & Bars

The casino itself has just a couple of places to eat – the coffee house style Marisol Diner and the Black Pearl Restaurant, which offers seafood, steaks as well as plenty of other dishes. Reservations are required at the latter.

However, the nearby Club Mykonos offers a much larger range of restaurants and bars to casino patrons, including Marc's Beach Bar, Little Venice and Bouzouki Restaurant. Try the Boesman Plaaskombuis for authentic, regional cuisine cooked on an open fire.

Thanks to the prime coastal location, there are also various other restaurants and bars located within walking distance. The result is that, despite the lack of bars/restaurants located within the casino, there are actually plenty of different places to try nearby.

So, don't let the casino's website only mentioning a couple of restaurants put you off if you consider yourself a foodie!

Hotel Accommodation

In place of traditional hotel rooms, the Club Mykonos resort offers Greek-inspired Kalivas. These are waterside self-catering hideaways that really are something a little bit different to the bland accommodation you'll find at many casinos around the world.

Residents get access to the swimming pool, plus squash and tennis courts. There are lodges, guest houses and a caravan park nearby if you'd prefer something more traditional, but be aware that you may not be able to access all of Club Mykonos' amenities if you're staying off-site.

For this reason, and the fact that Club Mykonos residents are always within comfortable walking distance of the casino itself, we'd recommend embracing your inner Greek and staying in a Kaliva!

Entertainment & Nightlife

Just like Club Med in the real Greece, Club Mykonos hosts plenty of entertainment after dark. If you need a little break from gambling you can check out a comedy show or take in some live music, or maybe just enjoy a cocktail at one of the bars as the sun sets.

There's not much for those who want to drink and dance the night anyway - no dedicated nightclub or anything like that – but some of the bars do stay open quite late, and they get pretty busy when drinks promotions are running.

There's all sorts to do here during the day (as well as gamble, obviously!) including Segway tours, horse riding, mini golf, table tennis, golf and AstroTurf for sports. If hitting the shops is more your style, there are two indoor malls nearby where you can spend some of your winnings.

Other Facilities

If you're a watersports fan, Club Mykonos will be a dream come true for you. You can go diving, charter a boat, go fishing, learn to sail or enjoy an overnight cruise with Aventura.

The great thing about Mykonos Casino is that, thanks to its association with the nearby Club Mykonos, visitors can enjoy all of the perks of a seaside holiday with great gambling always within easy walking distance. Obviously this is a huge advantage for gamblers who want to hit the casino while their family lies on the beach, and indeed for those who want to do some of that themselves.

The range of restaurants and activities means that you could probably stay here for weeks, doing as much or as little gambling as you please, and not get bored. Squint your eyes a little and you might just forget that you're in South Africa, not a luxurious Greek resort!

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