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New Online Casinos in South Africa

Playing on new online South African casinos is a worthy cause, as you’ll be one of the first to take advantage of brilliant new welcome offers, master their selection of games and sweep up in the shallow pools of easy fish. It can feel risky or not worth your time, but there are plenty new online casinos out there worth their salt.

Thankfully, we’ve also made a shortlist of all the best and safe new online casinos for you to try out. So, keep reading to find out the benefits, what to avoid and where to find them. Or, if you’d like to skip to an online casino you know you can trust, why not try our players’ number one site Springbok Casino?

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“In order to get people through the door, new casinos will often offer a very attractive real cash sign-up bonus to attract large numbers of users in a short space of time.”

Welcome bonuses

Casino software can be pricey to set up and maintain, so new casinos need to get customers through the proverbial doors as quickly as possible. In order to do so, they'll often offer a very attractive real cash sign-up bonus to attract large numbers of users in a short space of time. New casinos work very hard to earn business in their early days, so this is definitely the best time to give them a try if you're getting a little tired of your existing haunts.

New software

In the same way that new land-based casinos will generally be decked out with more sophisticated technology, new casinos will often use the most up to date software, have a more advanced helpdesk setup etc. However, we'll mention below why that can sometimes be a bad thing.

Range of games offered

It's not always the case, but it is sometimes true that older casinos don't bother to add the newest variations of slot machines or table games because they've already spent all the time they've budgeted for implementing the games they have. Because there is no status quo for a new casino, they're more likely to add the latest updates and themes.

However, it isn't all good news:


Word of mouth travels fast; if a real money casino takes a long time to pay out, is using clunky software or players feel like there is some other risk associated with using a casino, people generally find out very quickly. In the case of a very new casino, a definitive opinion may not have had time to develop. If you're considering using a new South Africa casino or a new online casino, it's even more important than usual that you check it's properly accredited.

Software problems

Using a new casino isn't always a guarantee that they'll be using the most up to date software. In fact, some will work so hard on making the site itself look tempting, advertising their service and so on that they'll blow most of the budget on that side of things. That said, using existing casino software rather than the newest offerings out there isn't always a bad thing.

It's a given that with any new technology there will be some bugs and glitches. Of course, attempts will be made to iron these out before the software goes live but there's always a chance that some slip through the net. Equally, the newer the technology, the higher the likelihood that older laptops, tablets etc. may struggle to keep up with it.

For every good casino, South Africa new players are respected and well looked after - no matter what their age, top casinos have safeguards in place to protect players from unjustifiable loss in case of disconnections that happen as a result of poor internet connections and/or software issues.

We keep a very close eye on all the new casinos opening up, and add the top new casinos for South African players as well as the rest of the world to our database as soon as we find them.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How often are there new online casinos?

New casinos spring up quite regularly, although not all of them are as good as others. Every site has to start somewhere though, so the next new casino could be the one that takes the world by storm! If you want to find out about the best new casinos, make sure you keep checking back at this site, as we’ll have reviews and details about many of them.

What are the benefits of using one?

New casinos are looking to attract new players quickly, so they will often offer some really nice bonuses to entice players to them. This is great for you, as you could find yourself receiving some really large sums of money, often simply for signing up. They are also good as they bring something different to table, which is perfect for those starting to get bored of their current casino.

Do they allow South African players?

Most new casinos will allow South African players to sign up. If you are unsure regarding your eligibility though, simply check their T&Cs to find a list of restricted countries. If you can’t sign up, there are plenty of other casinos out there that will accept you.

Will they have enough players?

New casinos certainly won’t have as many players as more established casinos, and this might affect things like progressive jackpots (although most progressive jackpots are also linked to other sites as well), and the ability to find a busy poker table. Most games at a casino are single player though, so it really doesn’t matter if you are one of the only people there!

How can I be sure they are safe to play at?

There are a number of things you can do to ensure that a new casino is safe and legitimate, with the first being to check if they have been recommended by us! You can also look to ensure that they are registered and regulated by a national government, as this means that they’ll be subject to rigorous scrutiny. You can also read the “About Us” section to get a feel for the casino, and to find out if they have a genuine address and phone number.

Do they offer bonuses?

They certainly do! As already mentioned, the bonuses found at new casinos are often larger than the ones found at more established ones, so that they can attract new players. A good new casino should also offer bonuses to existing players as well, to keep interest high and players coming back. If a new site doesn’t offer a good welcome bonus, it’s probably not worth signing up with them, unless they offer something else really special.

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