Online Casino FAQ

Online Casino FAQs

Running a website like ours, we get a lot of questions about gambling in South Africa, how different games work, online gambling in general and so on. It’s helpful to have all of that information in one central place so we have taken the most frequently asked questions and put them all into one place. Here are some of the questions we've seen come in again and again:

I'm still worried about trusting online casinos not to cheat. Is there any way around this?

Yes. Live dealer casinos use real roulette wheels, croupiers and cards. This means that after you've placed your bets, you can watch the action unfold right before your eyes. That way you can be sure everything is above board and you can trust what is happening.

Is online casino gambling popular in South Africa?

Yes. Online casino gambling is very popular in South Africa. Although there several land-based casinos, online gambling is still very popular among South African players. Gambling sites online offer players easier access to casino games and betting, and there is a wider variety of games and variants available. Players are also exposed to better payouts and bigger welcome bonuses. The biggest advantage of all is that players can play anywhere, on the go.

There’s no time limit in online gambling. Can’t people count cards or use software to cheat?

Yes, on both counts. However, many online casinos shuffle after every hand to prevent card counting and on most occasions, there are multiple decks in the shoe, often far more than at land-based casinos.

While using pieces of software to do things like track cards is allowed, many other programs are outlawed. Websites will usually list which pieces of software they allow and which are forbidden. Get caught cheating and you may face a lifetime ban, or worse.

I can’t see things happening in front of me. Can’t casino owners cheat me?

They can, but they absolutely should not. Reputable casinos, like those we promote, are regularly audited and publish details about the RNGs (random number generators) they use. Basically, all the casinos that we suggest to you have gone through rigorous testing processes that ensure that they adhere to strict standards with regard to the gambling commissions. The penalties found for any casinos cheating are extremely harsh, which discourages most from trying it.

I want to play on a Mac/mobile/tablet. Is that possible?

Short answer: yes. However you want to play, you'll almost always be able to find a casino through our site that's compatible with the device you want to use. Playing on a mobile or tablet is often the preferred method of playing and most casinos have apps and mobile-friendly sites now.

Which casino games have the best odds?

Although slots are extremely popular, a big win is pretty rare. Table games like blackjack in particular have better odds for players. Craps and roulette are also good choices for those looking for games with a low house edge.

Does my performance in free play affect what happens when I play for real?

No, provided you're playing at an honest casino. Whether you lose or win hundreds, or even thousands, of virtual dollars when playing for fun this will have no impact on what happens when you start playing for real money.

People often think that if they win tons in free play, they can do the same with real money. Don’t get suckered in. Even though your performance in free play won’t affect your real money odds and chances, people often play more carefully with real money.

Is there a minimum deposit or minimum bet I have to hit when playing online?

Yes, there generally is. However, these figures are usually very low - less than R100 for a minimum deposit and R0.2 for a minimum bet. As you can see, you don't need to be a high roller to give online gambling a try.

How do I make a deposit?

We've written about this elsewhere, but you can make deposits in a wide range of ways. Sometimes you can use a credit/debit card, although some people prefer not to do this, or an online payment system like Neteller or Skrill.

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