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There are dozens of casino sites and hundreds of different games to play roulette online in South Africa. On the following top 10 list you can find the best rated online roulette casinos which allow secure real money gambling. Some of them even offer specific roulette bonuses for South African players. You can also try out over 120 free roulette games without download or registration.

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Popular Online Roulette Variants

“As one of the top table games in casinos, there are literally thousands of places to play online roulette.”

How to Play Roulette

It's very easy to get started with roulette or even live dealer roulette. Casinos accept bets on everything from the number of the slot the ball will land in to whether the number will be even or odd. You can also bet on which grouping of numbers or, for a chance to make some real money, the colour of the slot the ball will land in.

Once all bets have been placed, the croupier spins the wheel and launches the ball around what's known as the backtrack. The ball slows down and eventually lands in one of the coloured and numbered slots on the wheel. If you picked the correct number, colour or area the ball lands in, you win.

The easiest bets to make

Most beginners bet on whether the ball will land on red or black, probably because this is what protagonists of films and TV shows tend to bet on in representations of casino roulette.

Betting on a lucky number can win you some real money, but the odds of the ball landing on the number you've chosen are obviously much lower.

It may be hard to accept but, even if a number comes up 20 times a row, the chances of the, virtual or casino, roulette ball landing on that number again are exactly the same as they were on the 20 spins before it. Still, some players swear by waiting for a streak of odds/evens or red/black and betting their ZAR on what they believe 'should' come next. An attempt to create a strategy despite mathematical evidence it may be, but it seems to work for some players.

A look at the odds

When it was only possible to gamble in an offline casino, South Africa roulette tables included, you generally didn't need to consider the different variations of roulette because American roulette was only played in the USA. In roulette casinos that are based online, however, you'll find a couple of different variations of roulette. The most common are European and American. On European tables you'll find the numbers 1 to 36 and a green 0, while American tables contain the numbers 1 to 36, a green 0 and a green 00 (called, for obvious reasons, the 'double zero').

Having another slot in the mix, one that's neither red nor black, affects the odds of success for those playing roulette. Casinos often favour American roulette because it gives them a house edge of over 5% while European has a house edge of only 2.70%. If you're betting real cash on red/black or whether a number is odd/even, you may want to stick with European roulette tables.

Online roulette in South Africa

In most virtual casinos, online roulette is one of the core offerings. You may find other varieties like Multi-ball roulette or French roulette but they aren't too common. As one of the top table games in casinos, there are literally thousands of places to play online roulette. We've done the legwork for you and found some of the best options for anyone looking to play casino roulette. We recommend reading our reviews thoroughly. Remember, the internet roulette experience varies from site to site, so not every online casino is the same. So be sure to read what we have to say first before you spin the virtual wheel.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is online roulette a popular game amongst South Africans?

Yes. Just like all over the world, online roulette is popular in South Africa. It is one of the easiest games to play, which means that all players at different levels can take a chance at winning big with online roulette. It’s also a game heavily based on luck, which makes the gambling experience more exciting to players at all stages.

Where can I play?

Roulette is one of the most popular online casino games, so you’ll be able to play it at pretty much every casino you can find. The best will offer good bonuses though, and will also have been recommended by us.

How is it different to regular roulette?

There’s really not much difference at all, aside from the fact that you play from the comfort of your own home. You should remember that many casinos will offer different variations of roulette though, so make sure you’re aware of the exact type you are playing. The most popular variations are European and American roulette, however there are others.

Is it popular in South Africa?

Roulette is popular in South Africa, just as it is pretty much everywhere else in the world, although it probably isn’t as popular as games such as poker and blackjack. It’s a single player game when played online though, so you don’t need anyone else to be around in order to enjoy it!

How much is it possible to win?

You can keep playing roulette for as long as you want, so the amount you can win is infinite. In terms of the maximum you can win from a single spin though, the amount is generally around 35:1, which is paid when you correctly guess a specific number. Other bets placed at the same time can also increase the amount you win.

Can I use a strategy?

Many people claim to have effective roulette strategies, however it is a game of chance, so no strategy will be perfect. You’re better off simply having fun when you play roulette, and if you manage to win, that’s a bonus!

Are the games rigged?

Roulette games are certainly not rigged at any of the casinos we recommend at this site. There are strict protocols and procedures in place to ensure that casinos remain honest and trustworthy, so you can play with confidence.

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