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The best online casinos generally offer a couple of different types of real money bonuses to encourage signups and user loyalty. Provided you gamble enough, this amounts to extra money for you to play with. For instance, Springbok Casino was voted the best bonus casino in 2024 thanks to its R12,000 reward new sign ups.

There are several types of online casino bonuses, and the amount of extra cash you get to play with can vary substantially. That's why it's worth shopping around and seeing where has the top deals before you 'commit' to using a particular casino.

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“We've looked at tons of real money South African casinos and, reviewing and rating them, noting down every casino bonus hunters should be on the lookout for.”

Deposit bonuses

Also referred to as a sign-up bonus, as it is awarded when you sign up with a casino and start playing. After following a link advertising the bonus and/or using a promotional code when registering, you'll be eligible for anywhere between a 100% and 200% matched bonus. Generally speaking, this is the highest bonus casinos will ever offer you.

However, you won't be able to start playing with the online casino bonus until you've wagered a certain sum of money that varies from casino to casino. This is so players can't simply make a deposit, claim their matched bonus and disappear without playing a single hand.

Reload bonuses

While deposit bonuses are available only to new customers, reload bonuses are only offered to existing players. By offering loyal players additional matched deposits (where the casino matches the amount of money deposited by a player), they reduce the likelihood of players leaving their casino to make a deposit with another casino to cash in on any top sign-up bonuses those casinos may be offering.

As above, the bonuses are not 'activated' until a certain number, determined by the value of your deposit and the bonus multiplied by an integer that's usually between 15 and 30, of hands/rounds/spins have been played. It's also worth pointing out that a certain game don't always count for as much as another game if the 'house edge' dictates that it's easier for players to win than in other games. Again, this will generally be made clear on each individual site.

So, now you see that a bonus isn't quite someone putting free ZAR in your pocket, but it's still a great thing to have. While you may have to be one of the best to wager enough and still keep your bonus as pure profit, a top bonus can definitely soften the blow a bit if you've lost some money.

Where can I find the best casino bonus in South Africa?

If you've already decided to start playing, the above is naturally going to be your next question. Well, we've got some good news for you. We've done all the hard work so you don't have to - we've looked at tons of real money South African casinos and, as well as reviewing and rating them, we've also noted down every casino South Africa bonus hunters should be looking to try.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How do bonuses work?

Bonuses are offered by websites in order to attract players. They generally involve a player depositing a certain amount of money, and then receiving a percentage of that money on top, although this might be after a certain period of time. All bonuses will have terms and conditions attached, so it is important to read them before signing up to one.

Are they available for South African players?

Many different online casinos offer bonuses to South African players, and why wouldn’t they? They want new players to come to their sites, and they know that offering great real cash bonuses is the best way to achieve this!

Who is eligible?

Generally speaking, anyone is eligible for a bonus, providing the offer doesn’t clash with another they’re using at the site, and that they are of a legal age to gamble. Some sites do have restrictions on which nationalities can redeem a bonus though, so you should check this first.

Can I take advantage of multiple bonuses?

This really depends. A specific site might have multiple welcome bonuses, and it is generally the case that only one deal can be used. There are usually bonuses for existing players on the site though, and usually any number of these can be used by an individual player. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from signing up with multiple sites and using all their different welcome bonuses if you want to!

Should I go for the biggest bonuses?

This is one of the biggest mistakes that new online casino players make, as there is more to a bonus than its size. You should also check out the rollover requirement (the amount of time the bonus has to be bet before it can be withdrawn), how the bonus is earned, and whether there are any restrictions on it. For example, some sites might offer a huge bonus, but only allow it to be used on slots.

Can the bonus money be withdrawn?

It can, yes, however not straight away. Nearly all real money bonuses will have a rollover requirement. For example, if a R1000 bonus has a rollover requirement of 20x, you’ll have to make R20,000 of bets before the bonus can be released. This is clearly so that people don’t sign up, get the bonus, and then withdraw it immediately, never to return to the site again.

Is there a catch?

There’s no such thing as free money, so you will have to play through the rollover requirement before it can be withdrawn, and this is the most common area in which people are caught out. Other than that, getting a nice bonus is a good way to introduce yourself to the world of online gambling, and it will allow you to have absolutely loads of fun!

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