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It's no secret that high rollers are afforded some incredible perks at big land casinos. And the same is also true of online casinos, whose many perks can be even better. You can enjoy incentives such as regular bonuses, physical gifts and even fast-tracked support.

Our expert review team has shortlisted all the sites offering the best VIP packages. Casino of the year Springbok Casino has extravagant perks on offer, but like all good VIP programmes - it’s invite only! Read on for the inside scoop.

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“If you've been invited to join a VIP program - enjoy it. Take advantage of everything you can - faster support, free play opportunities and exclusive events.”

Perks of online casino VIP programs

Many punters think that, because a casino is online, their perks won't be worth having. We think they're completely wrong, but take a look at this list and judge for yourself. Members of VIP programs can expect to enjoy things like:

  • Purchasing chips at a reduced rate - Every time VIP customers make a deposit, they receive more credits/chips than 'normal' players
  • Bonuses galore. - Casinos will regularly send VIP customers free play opportunities and other 'limited time only' promotions
  • Fast tracked support - Like a personal concierge in a real casino, if a VIP customer has a problem it will be forwarded to a dedicated VIP team
  • Physical gifts - Pens, caps, t-shirts are all par for the course, plus birthday gifts and hampers (including Champagne, chocolates or cigars) are also common
  • Exclusive events - This ranges from VIP only table areas to special tournaments

How to get into a casino's VIP program

Now, here's the bad news. You can't request an invite to a VIP program - you can only keep playing and hope that one will land in your inbox. Casinos use some combination of spending over a certain amount of money and the amount of time you've been a member to determine who receives an invite but, as you might have guessed, they aren't exactly forthcoming with these requirements.

Because the amount of time you spend playing is a factor, some players pick a favourite casino and stick with it rather than playing at many different venues. If you're planning to make a big deposit, particularly if it's the first you're making with a casino, get in touch with them before you do so. There's no guarantee they'll fast track you for VIP membership, but they might give your welcome bonus a boost and it plants the seed in their mind that you're potentially a big fish.

What to do once you've been invited to join a VIP program

Enjoy it. Take advantage of everything you can - faster support, free play opportunities and exclusive events are all great to have if you're a keen gambler. And you can never have too many hats and pens, right?

There's an unspoken rule that VIP members will gamble more often that regular players and keep depositing large sums of cash, but no-one's going to get in touch with you and nag you if you don't.

Most casinos offer a VIP program, even if they don't explicitly talk about it on their website, but the only way to find out for sure is to pick one and start playing.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What are VIP casinos?

VIP casinos are casinos that offer a little bit extra to their highest spending players, in an effort to ensure they keep playing there. These players are invited to the VIP program, and will then receive perks such as better casino bonuses, special events and more chips. Many casinos don’t advertise their VIP program though, so it’s often a complete surprise when you get selected!

What games can be played?

VIP players will have access to exactly the same range of games as standard players, including slots, traditional casino games and poker. The only difference is that they’ll sometimes be invited to special tournaments or events, which are only open to the higher spending members of the site. These events often have huge prizes.

Who is eligible?

It’s impossible to say exactly what makes a player eligible for a VIP casino, as the different casinos guard their secrets on this. How regularly a player visits the site, how much they deposit, and how much they bet overall are the main considerations taken into account by a casino though. So, you probably won’t know you’re eligible until they tell you!

What benefits are there?

There are loads of great benefits to being a VIP, however the best are probably the extra bonuses and the fact that you’ll often get more chips when you make a deposit. Extra tournaments and events are also always fun, plus you’ll also occasionally receive free gifts through the post, which can range from pens through to bottles of champagne.

Which sites are best for high rollers?

The best sites for high-rollers are the ones offering the highest stakes. You’ll notice that some sites limit their stakes to more affordable levels, while others allow players to make absolutely huge bets. You’ll also notice that the maximum deposit allowed varies by site, so high-rollers will want to play at the ones with the highest limit. You’ll also be able to get a feel for how good a VIP scheme will be by the site’s customer service, as better customer service usually means they’ll look after their top players that much better.

Is there a minimum required spend?

There’s almost certainly a minimum required spend for joining a VIP scheme, however sites do not share this information. To give yourself the best chance, you should only play at one casino, as this will ensure that all your deposits and bets are concentrated on the same place.

How does it compare with normal play?

There’s not much difference between the actual gameplay of regular and VIP casinos, however there is a massive difference in the amount that can be won. For competitive games, such as poker, you might also find that the standard of play is much higher, which can be loads of fun, but makes winning that much tougher.

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