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Top Microgaming Casinos in South Africa

Powering hundreds of online slots and games at many a top South African casino, Microgaming is renowned for offering a smooth gaming experience with great graphics and excellent sound quality. Their progressive slots attract thousands of players and pay out millions of dollars, including a record breaking $6 million jackpot win from recent years.

Here you'll find a shortlist of the best sites for Microgaming casino games. All offer extensive libraries of Microgaming slots and table games for real money, with top bonus offers to get you started on those big progressive jackpots. Want to play right away? Head to Springbok Casino, voted the best online casino of 2024 by our users, for a top quality Microgaming casino experience.

TOP Online Casinos in South Africa

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“All players are sure to see something they enjoy if they find themselves in an online casino powered by Microgaming.”

Features of Microgaming Casinos

One of the reasons that Microgaming is so popular is the huge range of games they offer - with slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette and countless others all available, Microgaming boasts over 600 different casino games. Although you'll find plenty of other things too, Microgaming particularly specialises in providing progressive jackpot games.

Here are a few of the other reasons Microgaming is so popular with customers and casino providers alike:

  • Mac and PC compatible - Microgaming casinos can be accessed via both platforms because they offer both a downloadable client and instant play games that can be played through a web browser.
  • Progressive jackpots - Microgaming powers a very large number of progressive slot machines online, often resulting in jackpots to the tune of R20 million and upwards
  • Forward thinking developments - As well as continuing to add more and more casino games, Microgaming also like to push the boundaries of existing games. For example, they were the first company to introduce anonymous online poker tables and released a poker variant, Blaze Poker, which contains an integrated mini-game.
  • Personalisation - As well as developing Viper, a front-end system that provides a personalised experience for gamblers, Microgaming allows gamblers to track their wins and losses. Additionally, Microgaming's Poker Network, MPN, features an Xbox/uPlay style achievement system that allows players to build up a positive reputation.

Whether you've never played before, have only played in land-based casinos or are a long time gambler, you're sure to see something you'll enjoy if you find yourself in an online casino powered by Microgaming.

Microgaming Casinos in South Africa

Although they are based in the UK, the Isle of Man to be more specific, Microgaming has an interesting link with South Africa! Derivco, a South African based casino game developer, is responsible for developing some of Microgaming's software.

Unfortunately, that doesn't automatically mean that South Africans have the pick of the litter when it comes to Microgaming casinos. Like many other providers, Microgaming focuses on the European and Asian markets because of the vague status of online gambling in South Africa and America.

However, you can still find Microgaming casinos that accept payments in rand and are thus suitable for South African players looking to gamble! Here are some of the best we've found:

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Frequently Asked Questions
Who are Microgaming?

Microgaming are software developers for the online casino industry, meaning that they’re the ones who actually create many of the great slots and other casino games you play every day. Based in the UK, they have been active in the industry since 1994, making them one of the most experienced companies working in the online casino world.

What games are they responsible for?

Microgaming have a huge variety of different games, ranging from slots through to poker. Most of these games are available to play through a browser or to download. Their machines are known to have some extremely high jackpots, and their slot Mega Moolah currently holds the record for the highest ever online win, which was awarded to a British player and was worth £13,209,300 (ZAR 287,619,814).

Which ones are popular?

After the huge win, Mega Moolah is perhaps their most popular game, however they also have a number of other highly popular progressive slots, such as The Dark Knight and Major Millions. Their versions of roulette, blackjack and video poker are also preferred by many gamblers throughout the world.

Where can I play them online?

Microgaming is a company that focuses primarily on European and Asian markets, as that is where the real money seems to be for companies. There are some sites out there offering Microgaming games to South Africans though, and you’ll be able to find them in the reviews at this site.

How can I win?

As they are known for their huge prizes, most people want to try taking down the top prize at Microgaming’s selection of games. To give yourself the best chance, you need to immerse yourself in the game and understand it perfectly, plus you also need to be prepared to be patient. When it comes to Microgaming’s progressive jackpots, you should also keep an eye on them, and only play them when the jackpot is getting high.

How do they compare to other software providers?

Microgaming are arguably the best casino software providers in the world, and this is shown by the bevy of fantastic games they have released in recent years. If it’s variety, big prizes, and fantastic excitement you are looking for, a casino offering Microgaming games is probably a very good choice for you.

Are they trusted?

Microgaming games are used by some of the world’s biggest online casinos, so you can trust them totally. After all, if they weren’t completely trustworthy, these huge casinos wouldn’t risk their reputations by working with them. The fact that they’ve been around for over twenty years also only adds to their trustworthiness.

Are the games rigged?

This is one of the most common misconceptions about online gambling, and the answer is a categorical “no”. Microgaming games are checked and double-checked by external organisations to ensure that they are perfectly fair, therefore meaning that every player has the same chance of taking down an absolutely huge jackpot.

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