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As the world's biggest credit card company, Visa is one of the most widely accepted payment methods at online casinos – more so than MasterCard and American Express. In many cases, you can even use prepaid Visa cards. With no fees attached and a great degree of flexibility, it's easy to see why Visa is one of the top deposit options out there.

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TOP Online Casinos in South Africa

"With no fees attached and a great degree of flexibility, Visa is one of the top deposit options out there."

Advantages of Visa

One of Visa's biggest advantages is its dominance in the market. It's very rare to come across a casino that doesn't accept Visa as a payment method. That means you can get started quickly and easily if you have a Visa card in your wallet.

Credit cards are widely favoured by South Africans because they effectively allow you to get an advance on your paycheck. Get paid on Monday but want to gamble at the weekend? No problem. Just hit the casino, Visa covers your deposit and you pay off the card once you've got some more cash in your bank.

Another reason credit cards like Visa are so popular is that their terms and conditions often allow you to claim back some, or even all, of any money that has been spent fraudulently. This is a nice safety net to have when you're using your credit card details online.

Because credit card payments are such a common method of making a deposit, casinos have the process down to a fine art. This means that credit card payments will usually be processed instantaneously, so you can get playing ASAP. It's good to have an option that's always ready when the mood strikes.

Things to keep in mind before using Visa

When it comes to using your card with an online casino, Visa deposits can usually be completed, but there is a chance that, after entering your details, a site will tell you that you're ineligible to make a deposit because of your geographical location. This is fairly rare, as most payment processors understand the importance of being able to offer Visa casino players around the world a chance to play, and thus use technology to allow South African players to complete their ZAR transactions.

Visa is best known for taking care of their customers but there's no guarantee that they'll reimburse patrons for using a card related to gambling. This would generally be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The Top Visa casinos in South Africa

In South Africa and beyond, Visa is one of the top payment methods for making deposits at a real money casino. Visa shows no signs of slowing down, despite the popularity of e-wallets and digital payments, which is understandable given all the reasons we've listed above.

There's no shortage of options to make deposits out there, but if you decide that Visa casinos are where you want to play, we've got some of the best for you right here.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Can I use Visa for online casinos?

Throughout the world, VISA is probably the easiest way for people to deposit at online casinos. Unfortunately, this is not the case for South Africans though. Most banks will not allow deposits to be made at online casinos using VISA, thanks to the laws and regulations surrounding the online gambling industry. Some people find that they can use a VISA though, which makes depositing and withdrawing far easier.

How fast are deposits & withdrawals?

If you manage to make a deposit with a VISA card, you'll find that the money is in your casino account instantly. VISA also tends to offer some of the quickest withdrawals around as well however, like depositing, withdrawals are generally not allowed by South African banks.

Are fees involved?

There are no fees for using a VISA card online, unless the online casino decides to add a charge. Withdrawals also have no fees attached to them. Make sure you can afford any repayments if you are paying by credit card though.

How does it compare with other credit cards?

VISA is the most widely used credit card in the world and offers all the features found at other credit cards, plus more. If you want to use a credit card to deposit at an online casino, VISA and MasterCard are the two best options. Of course, your personal circumstances will dictate which credit card is best for you though.

Is it recommended?

Using a VISA can't be recommended for most people in South Africa, thanks to the problems it might cause them with their bank. Using a VISA to fund an e-wallet, such as Skrill, or in conjunction with PayPal, is perfectly acceptable though, and is a method huge numbers of people use.

Is it safe to use?

VISA is completely safe to use, as is proven by the millions and millions of VISA transactions that take place every week. Robust security measures are used by the company, and 99.9% of people will never need to worry about their VISA. Make sure that you use a credit card wisely online though, and understand the different scams that can occur.

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