Top French Roulette Casino Sites in South Africa

French Roulette

Our SA online casino experts have scoured the internet to find the best sites that offer real money French roulette casino games for South African players. With this handy guide, you can begin placing your French roulette bets in minutes.

When choosing a casino, French roulette is more common than it used to be. Yet not all casinos offer the coveted version of the game. Fortunately, we've unearthed the top licensed and regulated gambling sites with French roulette. Our overall top casino for French roulette is Springbok Casino, which offers the most authentic gaming experience in 2024.

Keep reading our online casino French roulette guide and learn how to:

TOP Online Casinos in South Africa

“Choosing French roulette over other forms of the game is the easiest way to improve your odds on every spin.“

Learning French Roulette

When playing at a live South African casino, French Roulette is a rarity.  While you might find conventional European roulette if you're lucky, most gambling establishments in South Africa force you to play American roulette.  That's because the US version of the game has the biggest house edge.  That's great news for the casino, but bad news for players who want the best possible odds.  Luckily, it's a whole new ball game when you log onto an online casino.  French roulette gives you the best chance at profiting in 2017.   The best part is you can play to your heart's content whenever you feel like it.   That's the beauty of the internet.  It puts the whole world at your disposal.

When you log on to a casino, French roulette is easy to master.  If you've ever played American or European roulette, the game will be familiar.  There's no need to be alarmed by all the French writing on the table, even if you don't speak the language.  All you need to know is pair means even, impair is odd, manque translates to low, and passe is high.  If you plan on placing column bets, premiere means 1 to 12, moyenne covers 13 to 24, and derniere secures 25 to 36.   When enjoying casino French roulette, online players may encounter an oval shaped racetrack betting area.  Rather than displaying the numbers sequentially, the racetrack reflects the order of the numbers as they appear on the wheel.  It's a quick way to cover specific areas of the wheel.  Keep your eyes peeled for the areas marked voisins, tiers, and orphelins to wager on the respective numbers they cover.

Making the Most of the House Rules

Whether you play in Paris or at an internet casino, French roulette is similar to its more common European counterpart except for the table layout.  Yet there's more to this game than just a language barrier, which is easy enough to overcome.  When you play at a top-rated casino online, the game often has special rules that can improve your bottom line by halving the house edge on even money bets.  Where la partage bets are offered, online French roulette players will get half of their even money bet back when the ball lands on zero.  It's like a built-in French roulette insurance policy. 

There's also a slight variation on the la partage rule when playing online casino French roulette. Online players may encounter what's known as the en prison rule. When the ball lands on zero in this situation, your money is temporarily placed in a metaphorical prison.  Your wager will remain on the table for the next spin and you'll either win or lose depending on how the spin turns out.  When enjoying the game at a casino, French roulette online players should remember that these rules only apply to even money bets.

Play For Fun or With Real Cash

When you log on to a casino, French roulette is available even if you don't feel like opening your wallet.  Whether you want to conserve cash, get familiar with the rules, or want to test out the software, you'll find free French roulette online.  Yet if you do feel like playing to win real money in ZAR, all our top rated betting sites make it simple to get your cash in the game.  You'll have access to convenient banking methods with great security like credit cards, debit cards, electronic wallets, prepaid vouchers, and more.

Don't forget that all the sites on this page are fully regulated and licensed by recognized gambling commissions or authorities.  In order words, you can play with complete peace of mind.

Get Started at a Top Casino Online

Just like the best casinos in Johannesburg, Rustenburg, and Durban, roulette is just the beginning when you log on to a top online casino.  You'll have instant access to hundreds of games ranging from slots to poker.  What's even better is that you can be a winner before placing your first French roulette online bet.  All you have to do is sign up and claim your real money welcome bonus.  You'll find generous offers at all our highly recommended sites.  The best part is they all welcome SA players with open arms.

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