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American Roulette

When you visit an internet casino, American roulette is almost always offered. That's not surprising when you consider how popular this elegant game of chance is in South Africa. If you're searching for the greatest American roulette casino action available in South Africa, you're in luck. We've found the best gambling sites with fantastic software, brilliant graphics, and true to life gameplay. When you're ready to play authentic roulette in Rand, Springbok Casino is our top pick for 2024.

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TOP Online Casinos in South Africa

“Although American roulette is less popular than its European cousin, it's nice to have access to the authentic Las Vegas version of the game online.“

Getting Familiar with American Roulette

Whether you are playing live in Las Vegas or at an online casino, American roulette is very similar to the European version of the game.  The main difference is the addition of an extra slot or pocket to the wheel.  While European roulette wheels feature 37 slots numbered between 0 and 36, American wheels also have a 00 for a total of 38 slots.  While this might not seem like a big deal, the addition of a double zero mathematically reduces the likelihood of the ball landing on a given number.  In other words, both live and online American roulette have worse odds than European and French versions of the game.

Given the inferior odds you might be wondering why anyone would choose to play the US version at a casino.  American roulette online is typically offered alongside European roulette, but that's not always the case when playing live.  If you visit Las Vegas or Atlantic City, the American game may be your only real money option.  That means if you're looking to practice before your next stateside gambling vacation, you'll want to play American roulette online.  In addition, many casinos in South Africa, Asia, and Europe offer the American game at much lower stakes, which means it's a great choice if you're on a budget.

Safe and Secure Spins

Whether you play live in Las Vegas or at an internet casino, American roulette isn't hard to master.  Yet even if you know the rules and have mastered the art of bankroll management, you deserve some basic assurances in 2017.  Namely, you need to know with absolute certainty that the games are fair and random.  Fortunately, having access to fair American roulette casino action is as simple as choosing the right place to play.  In other words, you'll want to make sure you choose a casino online that's fully licensed and regulated.   All of the sites listed on this page not only fit the bill, but the random number generators that power the games are regularly inspected by independent auditors.

When enjoying games online, American roulette players in South Africa will probably hear a lot about random number generators or RNGs.  While the mathematics behind RNGs are complicated, they make the magic of every spin possible unless you are playing a live dealer game.  If you visit an online casino, American roulette games aren't bound by the laws of physics that govern the tables in Johannesburg.  Games at a casino online are more like video games, and RNGs simply make sure what happens on the screen mathematically mirrors what would happen in real life.  All you need to do is choose your online casino wisely and have fun.  Fortunately, our experts are here to steer you in the right direction.

Try Your Luck In South Africa

There's a whole new kind of revolution at your favourite online casino.  American roulette is now fully compatible with all the leading smartphones and tablets.   If you've been dreaming about throwing a few Rand on your lucky number at the beach, you can with mobile roulette.  Of course, you can also play on your way to work, in the park, or at a restaurant. As long as you have a stable internet connection, you can play anywhere in South Africa.  Just make sure you choose a mobile friendly casino with American roulette online.

Experience the Best American Roulette Online

It's not hard to find a fantastic South African online casino.  American roulette fans can get started in seconds by visiting any of our top rated real money sites.  Not only are all our recommended gambling sites fully regulated and licensed, but there's always an open seat.  Plus, you'll have access to hundreds of games including several styles of roulette.  Just in case the endless thrill aren't enough of an incentive, SA players just like you can claim a huge real cash bonus. There's no warmer welcome than one that pads your wallet with plenty of extra Rand.

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