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Neteller has long been an extremely popular and well-recognised e-wallet service used by hundreds of top South African online casinos. Created in 1999, not long after the first online casinos, it is known informally as 'PayPal for online casinos' in some circles. Neteller is definitely a viable alternative to using a credit card or online banking when making real cash deposits at the casino.

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TOP Online Casinos in South Africa

“Known as PayPal for online casinos, Neteller is a top choice for anyone looking to try their luck online.”

Advantages of Neteller

A Neteller account, in effect, gives you a license to play at countless different online casino and poker sites hosted all over the world. It's extremely rare to find a casino that doesn't accept Neteller, which makes it one of the best deposit options for players who like to jump from casino to casino or play at several different online venues at once.

Because of the de facto relationship between online gambling and Neteller, many casinos actively reward you for using the service. Neteller casino deposits mean less admin and faster payment for them, without compromising on security, so casinos will often offer a deposit bonus of 10-15% for using the service.

Neteller, casino dominance aside, is a relatively young company but there's no denying that they are now serious players in the financial services space. They invest millions of ZAR in their security, are licensed by the UK's FSA (Financial Services Authority) and have built up a customer base of millions thanks to a friendly, savvy approach to business.

Like PayPal, Neteller creates another layer of security for South African users in that it acts as a barrier between potential fraudsters and your bank account. Should the unthinkable happen, unlikely as it may be, using Neteller casinos may be enough to prevent scammers from obtaining your bank details.

Disadvantages of Neteller

Although it offers a 'veil' for players at online casinos, Neteller isn't completely anonymous. There are no cases of governments or other institutions demanding Neteller share information about their customers or anything like that but, if you use your personal bank account to make a real money deposit with them, your details are theoretically linked to that account.

Setting up a Neteller account is a pain-free process, but it can take a little time. Although the setup process is quite simple, Neteller takes the proper steps to ensure that money launderers or criminals in South Africa are not using their accounts. Of course, that's actually quite reassuring to know but can still be frustrating if you're itching to start playing.

Neteller casinos in South Africa

Whether at a poker site or an online casino, South Africa Neteller account holders are almost always able to make a deposit quickly and easily. Neteller may not be quite such a prominent name in the online payment space as, say, PayPal but it's not far behind.

With lots of market penetration and minimal fees, Neteller casinos are a top choice for anyone looking to try their luck. So go ahead and review our top Neteller casinos. In just a few minutes, you'll uncover our list of some of the best casinos that accept Neteller we've found on our travels.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Neteller?

Neteller is one of the oldest e-wallet companies online, and allows people to pay for items and services without having to input their bank or credit card details into a site. They operate in over 180 different countries, and are one of the most popular ways for South Africans to add money to their online gambling account.

How does it work?

Neteller is very simple to use, and begins by opening up a free online account with them. When you do this, you’ll receive your own unique account number and PIN. The next step is to deposit some money into your Neteller account, which can be done with any bank account. You then simply select the Neteller option at your preferred online casino, before choosing how much to deposit and entering your account number and PIN. The money should then be transferred instantly.

Do they allow online casino payments?

Yes, they certainly do. They are not governed in the same way banks are, so they are still happy to transfer funds to an online casino, thus allowing players to avoid the laws surrounding online casino deposits.

Is it safe to use?

Neteller is incredibly safe to use. Aside from your own personal account number and PIN, they also have 128-bit encryption technology, as well as a large array of other security features. It would probably be fair to say that Neteller is one of the most secure e-wallets out there, so they can be trusted by everyone.

How fast are deposits & withdrawals?

Nearly every deposit you make to an online South African casino using Neteller will be instantaneous, meaning that you’ll be able to use your funds straight away. Withdrawals aren’t as quick, but this is because the casino might take some time to process them. Once you have the money, you’ll be able to transfer it to your bank account, or even withdraw it from an ATM if you have a Neteller card.

How does it compare?

Neteller compares very well to all of the other e-wallets in existence, and the fact that it has been around since 1999 shows that it is trusted by many. It also has an advantage over credit cards and bank transfers, as there should be no red tape attached to making a deposit. So, Neteller has to be one of the top choices for online gamblers in South Africa.

Are there any fees involved?

Like all e-wallets, there are fees attached to using Neteller. The different ways you can use to top up a Neteller account all have different fees attached to them, and there are also fees for making withdrawals, such as a flat fee of €7.50 for a bank transfer. Using Neteller to make a purchase doesn’t have any costs though.

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