Online Casino Bonus Guide

The Online Casino Bonus System Explained

New online casinos crop up virtually every single day. That means competition is fierce, and only those who can offer some impressive incentives to sign up survive. A good bonus scheme is one of those things that can set a site apart from its competitors. But why is that so important?

For old and new casinos alike, a steady flow of traffic is extremely important. The more traffic a casino site has, the more people are spending money with them. But, as the old saying goes, you have to spend money to make money. For casinos, this is what offering top deposit and reload bonuses amounts to.

How bonuses work

It's important to note that bonuses aren't actually 'free money' in the way that many people believe them to be. Almost all casino bonuses, with the exception of those from a few online betting agents, require players to make a deposit of their own and wager a certain sum of money before they can claim the bonus.

This might be frustrating for you, but it's obvious why sites do it. If they offered a no deposit bonus, people would simply go from site to site, claim the bonus, cash out and disappear with the money! That would bankrupt most casinos pretty fast. Then where would we all play?

In a nutshell, bonuses are designed to keep players playing. And, regardless of how lucky players are, it usually works. Consider the following two scenarios:

  1. A player gets on a hot streak, winning game after game, and gambles the amount of money required to claim their bonus. They will often be inclined to think that they might as well keep playing while they still feel lucky and have the extra 'disposable' money to play with.
  2. A player gambles enough of their own money to claim the bonus but has lost up until that point. They may figure that their luck is bound to change and decide to keep gambling dipping into the bonus, reasoning that it's free money anyway.

Despite what the above might suggest, you shouldn't think that bonuses are a bad thing - quite the opposite is true!

They're Still Worth Having

The above scenarios may make it appear that players will inevitably lose both their own money AND the bonus. Of course, that's not always true - people wouldn't gamble if they didn't believe that they might end up with Lady Luck on their side! It's entirely possible that the gambler in the first scenario's hot streak will stay alive and he'll end up making a fortune. Likewise, the player in the second scenario may catch a break and end up recouping their losses and then some using their bonus to turn the tide.

If you enjoy gambling and think you'll be spending some time in the casinos, getting a great bonus is always a good thing - it can soften the blow if you've lost some money or, if you get lucky, you might turn it into a big win!

Bonuses For All

Although sign up bonuses are easily the most popular incentives casinos offer, you will find rewards at all stages of the game. All gambling sites know just how much competition there is for your entertainment budget. When you consider all the other internet casinos, video games, movies, concerts, and sporting events battling for your attention, gambling sites need to make their relationship with you last. Casinos need to constantly earn your business not just by giving you an extra reason to join, but by creating great games, providing outstanding service, and offering additional bonuses along the way.

Many sites offer what's known as a reload bonus. These work just like sign up bonuses but they are available to existing players who make a deposit. They usually come in the form of a match bonus, which will add extra funds on top of your deposit. Reload bonuses may be targeted to select players who haven't play recently or to loyal players as a token of appreciation. Some may only be available on certain days of the week when few people tend to deposit. It's always a great idea to check the promo page and sign up for the newsletter on your site.

Get Rewarded Whenever You Play

Bonuses are just one way to maximise your casino returns. Just about every internet gambling site offers some form of loyalty programme. The vast majority let you earn points whenever you play most real money games. Membership is always free and the perks are impressive. Some sites even sign you up automatically. When you accumulate enough points, you'll be able to get free play, cash back, prizes, event tickets and even gambling themed holidays. If these benefits sound familiar, that's because they are modelled on the programmes at the most popular land-based casinos in South Africa and Las Vegas.

Where can I find the best bonus?

Now you know how bonus systems work, we're pretty sure you'll want to find the best one! As well as reviewing and rating casinos based on their graphics, speed and how immersive they are, we also consider the value of the bonuses they offer. You can find casinos with some top bonuses right here.

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