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Top ECOCard Online Casinos 2024

As a popular payment option at any leading South African online casino. ECOCard is widely accepted by top online gambling sites worldwide, and is really convenient. For players who have had a credit or debit card transaction flagged, or whose banks don't allow payments for online casinos, ECOCard allows them to use a familiar real money payment method.

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TOP Online Casinos in South Africa

“Accepted at many different casinos, powered by several different casino software providers - if you’re looking to hit the tables, ECOCard is a pretty good choice.”

Advantages of ECOCard

ECOCard is accepted at many different casinos, powered by several different casino software providers. This means that, if you're looking to hit the tables at a real cash online casino, ECOCard is usually a pretty good choice.

ECOCards can be topped up in several different ways, including bank transfers, MoneyGram and Western Union. Funds are added to your balance very quickly, and placing a deposit at a casino with an ECOCard is usually instantaneous. That means there's very little waiting around for your ZAR to get to where it needs to go.

Another reason ECOCard is so popular is that it acts as a barrier between your personal details and fraudsters/hackers. Complete anonymity is hard to come by, but the owner of a virtual debit card like ECOCard is far more difficult to identify than that of a traditional debit or credit card. For players concerned with keeping their personal information safe, ECOCard casinos are one of the best choices.

Disadvantages of ECOCard

Obtaining an ECOCard account isn't difficult, but it is an extra step between you and gambling. For example, those using a traditional credit card are able to enter their details and begin playing immediately. In the case of ECOCard, there may be a little waiting around for money to clear. That's pretty much the case with all third party payment processors, so it's to be expected.

There's a small fee associated with an ECOCard top up. Given that the cost is very minor, many players are willing to pay for the increased anonymity. You’d probably only find the fees prohibitive if you were making several real cash deposits every day. If you're making weekly deposits or depositing less frequently than that, you shouldn't have to worry. And of course, if you keep winning, it's a non-issue.

ECOCard casinos in South Africa

ECOCard is a really useful tool because it can be used for many different types of online purchase, as well as spending real money at the casino. South Africa ECOCard users sign up every single day and spend freely without the worries of having their transactions flagged by their bank.

Accepted in many casinos, ECOCard owners will find no shortage of places to play. But, to save you some time, we've put together a list of what we believe to be some of the best venues out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is ECOCard?

ECOCard is a card that can be used to make payments both online and offline, in any place where MasterCard is accepted. It is essentially a prepaid card, which is topped up using your ECOAccount, which you’ll have to open if you want the card.

How does it work?

Once you have your card, you’ll need to add some money to it. This can be done using a number of different methods (including cash payments at certain locations), all of which are listed on the ECOCard website. You then simply use the ECOCard like a normal card, inputting the card’s details into the payment portal when you want to deposit funds. The amount you deposit will then be deducted from your ECOCard balance.

Do they allow online casino payments?

Yes, they certainly do. In fact, many people prefer to use this method, as it stops their bank from knowing that they have deposited at online gambling sites, which is something some banks do not like or even allow.

Is it safe to use?

ECOCard is 100% safe to use. Because it is independent of any bank account, there is no way that any potential fraudsters could get their hands on your savings. All transactions also use SSL encryption, and they do not share personal data.

How fast are deposits & withdrawals?

Depositing using an ECOCard is instant, which is why so many people like to use this service. The length of time it takes for a withdrawal to be placed into the ECOCard account really depends on the individual gambling site, however most online gambling sites are generally pretty quick.

How does it compare?

The fact that an ECOCard can be funded using so many methods makes this an incredibly appealing choice for many online gamblers. The transaction speed and anonymity also help to ensure that this is one of the most popular payment methods around.

Are there any fees involved?

ECOCards can only be used with USD, GBP or EUR, so for this section EUR will be used as an example. There is a 4% charge levied on any deposits made using this method, with the minimum charge being €0.80. When withdrawing, there’s a 2% charge, plus South Africans will also have to pay a charge of 2.99% to have the currency converted into ZAR. Try not to lose your card, as a replacement will cost €12.50.

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